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Teacher: Leigh-anne Ecklund

Unfair Treatment to Students

Teacher Complaint About: Aragon High - Leigh-anne Ecklund

California, SAN MATEO
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 11

Occur date: Apr 24 2012
Post date: Apr 29 2012, 07:14:42 PM

Teacher Complaint: Leigh-anne Ecklund - Aragon High

Thoughout the year this teacher has...
1. Scolds and yells at students who were having side conversations
a. Continuously says "Shut your mouth" "Do you kiss your mother with those lips" and other hateful, disgusting phrases
2. Treats bad acting students continuously with hatred without giving them a second chance
3. Unfair grading
a. Instead of making tests and labs easier because students are failing, she keeps them the same without giving you make-up oppurtunity
b. Does not bother to curve hard tests or labs
c. Her help is not very helpful. Often leaves students (especially during labs) questioned and unsure about answer. I believe that teachers are responsible for identifying needs. She doesn't seek out to which students have questions but only tells students to come in during lunch. Out of personal experience, I find it very intimidating and hard to ask for help from this teacher because of her spiteful attitude. However, no matter how bad the teacher, when they ask specific students if they need help, I have the strength to go up and ask because I know that the teacher cares about me and my academic struggles.

My experiences with this teacher:
It is very hard, like said above to ask for help because she is so intimidating and has terrible attitude. It seems as if she doesn't want to help children, although I'm sure it's not what she really wants. Also, I ask other students how they're doing in the class and they all say they are not doing as well as they'd like to. I believe that students that want to get an A (meaning the students that do work, and really deserve it) should be rewarded with an A. In this class, (unlike all of my other classes) seems that it is near impossible to get an A in learning such hard criteria, no matter how hard you try or how much effort you give it. A lot of students (including me) are earning a B as to earning an A during our first semester. Once again, I believe that students should receive an A (if they are hard working, and giving their best) when the criteria is very hard and difficult to understand (which it currently is). A lot of students in Mr. Apperson's class (the other chemistry teacher's class) have an A. Obviously, we are learning the same criteria but the teacher himself understands that the criteria is hard, and rewards students giving it their best with an A.

Scence has always been my interest. It is fun because you get to do labs and expirements. However, it is not so fun when you can't get a grade you want to get, no matter how hard you try. I think it would really hurt my college interests if I finish this chemistry year with a B. Please address this problem. A lot of students besides me are suffering because of her.

Address: 900 ALAMEDA DE LAS PULGAS - California, SAN MATEO Phone: 650-762-0129

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Teacher In Complaint
May 02 2012, 12:25:32 AM
You're a whiny baby. Grow up! You should not be having side conversations, etc. You deserve worse than having someone tell you to shut your maw.

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