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Teacher: Norma Vargas

Unfairness with students/ "rumors if sexual relationship"

Teacher Complaint About: Ysleta H S - Norma Vargas

Texas, EL PASO
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 11

Occur date: Mar 28 2018
Post date: Mar 28 2018, 09:33:49 PM

Teacher Complaint: Norma Vargas - Ysleta H S

There are rumors of this teacher that there is muiltiple things occurring in classes,for example the tone this teacher has with certain students verses the tone she has with students she is more close to. Apparently this teacher is rude and condescending. There's alot of things that take place in class but students don't want to make it a big deal. There is this one rumor that this teacher is have some sort of sexual relationship with this student,whether this is true or not I feel like you should look into it because the individual that may be in this relationship is telling people that it is true. I feel that there is some favortism going on,and this teacher can deny it all she wants her tone of her voice says it all. I feel that even if a student isn't constantly going in verses the other students who do she should still watch her tone,some students don't go to her because of the way she talks to them. In third period there is ugly tension between students, another student hit a student "as a joke" but the student who was physically contacted did not appreciate it,and Vargas did not do anything about it. This teacher does things that she may not intend to do but some individuals see it as unfair and there should be some action taken into hand. Apparently some kids do not get the work they are learning and feel that the material that they are learning is not working they asked to see if it was possible to find different learning methods for the students as well because some of the bilingual students do not understand the material. I also wanted to state that these incidents happened all year not on a specific day.

Address: 8600 ALAMEDA AVE - Texas, EL PASO Phone: 915-434-8000

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