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Teacher: Rose M. Townsend

Unfit, Rude Teacher

Teacher Complaint About: Jones H S - Rose M. Townsend

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 12

Occur date: Apr 19 2018
Post date: Apr 19 2018, 04:45:21 PM

Teacher Complaint: Rose M. Townsend - Jones H S

This teacher began to work here a few months ago. Students were taken out of a good teachers class to be taught by this teacher. She ignores students questions, laughs at inappropriate moments, says racial comments, calls students parents (separately) and tells them separate opinions about said student. One incident occurred where she told a student, "I consider myself a terrorist." and then proceeded to giggle. Another time, a student was in one of her classes while she was teaching a test review. The teacher was moving too fast without explaining anything. The student raised their hand and asked if she could slow down and explain. She did not. She let other students shoutout the answers and she didn't explain them. So, the student decided to just listen and not write anything down. The teacher walked to her desk and asked, "Why aren't you writing anything down?". The student replied, "You were going to fast and didn't slow down so I will just listen. Can you just explain." The teacher got angry and said, "If you have a complaint you can go down to the office and complain because I don't have the time." The student then said, "No I do not have a complaint." The teacher then yelled for them to get out the class. The student got up with their things and asked for the test before leaving the room. This teacher was going to give a zero if the student didn't take the test. The teacher was yelling and refusing to give the student the test. So, the student stayed in the room. She then walked out to get another teacher and complained about the student to the other teacher. The student was then out of the class for the rest of the day. On the same day, that teacher calls the student's grandmother and tells her how much of an amazing student they are. "- is just such a nice sweet person", she told the student's grandmother.Then, the next day, calls the students father and complains that the student is bad and misbehaved and disrespectful. She asked another student to be a witness in a PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCE. When the student went to her class again, she moved the student to a table alone, isolated, while other classmates were allowed to work together. Another incident that occurred happened in this same week. The class had to do a school survey and a student had said to a fellow classmate, "Mr.- (another teacher) is the only teacher who cares about us." The teacher overheard and said, "Are you saying I don't care?". The student responded, "Yes."The teacher kicked out the student and gave her detention. This teacher continues to interrupt student questions, ignore student questions, argue with students, kicks students out, yells at students, makes racial comments, and doesn't know the subject she is teaching. I don't approve this teacher and she shouldn't be allowed to work and teach my student or any other students.

Address: 7414 ST LO RD - Texas, HARRIS Phone: 713-733-1111

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Rose M Townsend
Teacher In Complaint
May 20 2018, 01:47:26 PM
I would very much like to respond to this post, but student privacy rights do not allow me to. This complaint is not accurate.

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