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Teacher: Charissa Banks


Teacher Complaint About: Redken Ias - Charissa Banks

Nevada, WASHOE
Author: Anonymous123
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Jul 20 2011
Post date: Aug 27 2011, 10:58:40 PM

Teacher Complaint: Charissa Banks - Redken Ias

Ms. Charissa Banks is an instructor at the Reno Redken Academy of Style(cosmetology school). I am speaking on behalf of nearly ALL of my classmates. Ever since I have started this school, this teacher has belittled me, patronized me, singled me out, and verbally/emotionally abused me. This has not only happened to me, but to several other students as well. Char constantly tells me what I do is never good enough, questions why and what I do whilst I'm not at school(which is hardly ever), she has the worst sour attitude with everyone who comes in her path, she tells you to never bug her, because she's "busy" when she should be teaching her class. This woman is atrocious. An evil, awful witch. I have left crying several times due to her actions, she makes me feel inadequate. Char is of African-American descent, so she felt it best to teach her students how to corn-row hair and chemical services BEFORE normal hairstyles. I have yet to learn how to properly shampoo a head. This school is $20,000 of MY money that I am wasting to be abused by Charissa Banks. I have a job and a family to take care of, I simply wanted to finally follow my passion and get licensed in cosmetology. Is that so much to ask? I am devastated to go to class each day because I dread dealing with this monster. She needs to either shape up, or ship out. I highly suggest her boss fire her. I chose to remain anonymous due to the fact that I fear this woman and she may threaten me the next time we cross paths. Pretty sad.

Address: - Nevada, WASHOE Phone:

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School In Complaint
Sep 14 2011, 09:19:42 PM
I am co-owner of REDKEN IAS. I am at the school daily and so is my Partner Bonnie. If there is a problem with a teacher, contacting an owner is not difficult. This is a personal attack on Charissa Banks that I find to be useless as the author remains anonymous. Anyone that has a true complaint and would like to resolve the problem would not have a problem with identifying themself. If there is a problem it is very difficult to resolve if the person refuses to come forward and put their name on a complaint form. If the person that wrote this complaint would like to come forward we can resolve any issue as long as it is school related. We have been educating students for 14 years in the Reno area.

Jun 10 2015, 05:08:01 AM
the reason why people don't go to the owners is because they don't handle complaints well! I personally seen you owners withdraw students because we have made you mad! when we try to talk to you about things you threatened to withdraw us! you use our careers as leverage to get what you want from us and if we don't do what you ask we're on your s*** list! no one at that school feels safe to tell you anything about a teacher. especially when the teacher is one of the owners. the schools run by the owners family and friends! I've never seen or heard of char being how this person stated above but the rest of the teachers I have seen them and heard them be little other students because they said they are to proud or they're on their high horseand they want to bring them back down to where they belong.I would never recommend the school to any one that I know. I would never wish this school on my worst enemy. if you have a disability don't attend the school because if you mess up or they feel that you have something wrong with you even if you don't and you just messed up because you're a student and you're learning the teachers have been heard saying but the student is not right in her head and that she's a little off are stupid and retarded. then they will go to the student and be like Oh its okay that was a difficult client don't worry about it after they just made you look like you're retarded in front of the client. when you walk into the school if we're not busy as you do its either Instructor sitting on their butts stuffing their faces. when you ask them for help because they have not taught you before they put you on the floor they say they're too busy and to wait for the cl*** behind you to go through it and I'll show you then but they don't want to get off their butts and show you nothing teach you nothing so pretty much you get what you get when you're a freshman. you might walk in and se oh what a pretty school and everyone seems so nice that is just to show to get you in don't trust it they are fake fake people.hopefully this gives you some insight and the reason why I stay anonymous is because if they even know who I was they would withdraw me just for making a statement telling people the truth people need to know how's the school truly is State Board of Education needs to get involved the FASFA people need to get involved the only two places that can actually do something their frauds and the reason why no one stands up against them it's because they don't want to lose the hours that they worked so hard for they don't want to get withdrawn for standing up for themselves we pay them over $20,000 and they still want more now they're trying to charge people of $500if we go over our contract date but in our contract it says if we go over that all we have to pay is 10 dollars an hour for every hour that we go over and they have ***essed this fee on several students even though it doesn't stated in the contract and if we fight it will withdraw us and then we lose everything so people take and pay this fee just so we can have our careers so we keep quiet somebody that reads this can help us only so many students are brave enough he even go to the Board of Education and we've all seen what that gets us and not everyone was charged that $500 fee only the people it didn't kissed Instructor and owners butI cannot wait till the day if the Board of Education and the financial aid Fasfa people finally look into this school. the school does not even let their own students fill out their financial aid applications like you normally would if you went to a bigger University. they make the pins for you you don't even get a set your own pin.shady shady shady well I'm done with my rant. I cannot wait to see if anyone responds to this interest to shut it down and try to make what I say not true.

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