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Teacher: Jennifer Zickuhr (sicker)

Unorganized, Unkind, Unprofessional lazy Jennifer Zickuhr

Teacher Complaint About: Pukalani Elementary School - Jennifer Zickuhr (sicker)

Hawaii, MAUI
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 3

Occur date: Jan 06 2017
Post date: Feb 06 2017, 02:36:56 PM

Teacher Complaint: Jennifer Zickuhr (sicker) - Pukalani Elementary School

Jennifer Zickuhr is one of the worst teachers at one of the worst schools in Hawaii. This lazy incompetent moronic subhuman couldn't hack it as a mental health worker so now she tries to teach little kids because she thought it was easy. She's medicated on anti-depressants which causes her to constantly lash out at her students. She prefers to spend her time stalking, harassing, and trying to date young local men instead of focusing on taking care of our community and students. Horrible, lazy, and unqualified. Makes me wonder how she is still employed. But then again working for the state, you can pretty much do whatever you want and still get by. Plus you'll never get fired which is why this scum bucket is still teaching 3rd grade. Every parent I've talked to hates her. She's a whiny little cry baby that wants the world to feel
Sorry for her. Tried to commit suicide because she realized what a complete loser she is and soon, all of Pukalani will know about her ways. She makes up identities so she can give herself positive reviews but anyone with a brain and an ounce of common sense can see through her scam. Jennifer Lee Zickuhr is truly scum of the earth. Que the comments below...lmao. Love to see all the haters try and defend this crappy person.

Address: 2945 IOLANI STREET - Hawaii, MAUI Phone: 808-572-9557

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Husband of Jen's best friend
Feb 08 2017, 01:55:50 AM
Steve Wan and Maria Wan- you both post the same thing over and over and over again. We know all about how you have been persistently and repeatedly harassing our friend who we we have known close to 20 years. We see everything you have put up about her, and when we were just there for vacation we read her entire binder of nonsensical slander that you have put online. Just today she text my wife your cheating posting, these comments, and the Maui 24-7 where you even identify yourself as Wan Love and Steve Wan.

You're just not that bright. You don't think she has friends, family, and others looking out for her? That everyone knows YOU are the one with a history of TROs from various individuals as well as a criminal history? I feel very sorry for your wife and kids. I live on the east coast, but I searched domestic violence and resources for women in HI. Maria you can get away from a violent man! She needs it as well as my dear friend. Any man who posts degrading sexual things and other extremely abusive words about a woman they don't know and from what my wife explains, met once when you screamed at her angrily in her classroom, is loony toons. She said your child was in her class 3 days! In August! It's February!

What is the purpose of this? We have read all the police reports against you, and the best one is the last one that says they have you on video for hanging up flyers of her face accusing her of what you were charged with criminally in Hawaii. Terroristic Threatening. Can we say projection?

I've held back posting as to not provoke you, but **** man.... this is 6 months of persistently abusing my wife's dear friend who we love like family. She's an amazing woman, teacher, friend, sister, daughter, and aunt. Not to mention teacher. I'm a high school teacher myself and she was evaluated highly. What do you know about teaching? The only thing you appear talented at is harassing people. You need a job or maybe two jobs! The ONLY person posting these is you. You have issues. To talk so sexual about her and the obsession that she supposedly dates married men, which she doesn't, as we know all about her personal life indicates you fantasize about her. Calling her fat? She's gorgeous! Why do you care who she dates or what she does? You don't even know her. What's the purpose of this? I'm a 40 yo man, and you're an embarrassment to our gender. You're a huge pussy, not a man. Real men don't abuse women.

I can't believe how well she has held up despite how horribly you abuse her. She keeps working and trying her best. If she's upset or depressed it's because of your threatening and harassing behavior toward her.

I was being held back from not beating the **** out of you when I was there. If this were my wife you were doing this to I'd handle this myself and it be over. Trust me.

Jennifer best friend husband
A Parent
Jun 09 2017, 11:37:03 PM
Threats don't work. actions do. So far and never will there be any actions. Jus fake pussy threats from ***** ass white people. I really hope u show up. Jennifer best friend husband. Reveal your name 40 yr old BITCH

Hey best friend husband
A Parent
Jun 10 2017, 03:13:54 AM
Hahahahaha ****in faggot pussy. You would get ****in eaten alive. Wouldn't last a second. Dumb**** HAOLe

Best friend hubby
A Parent
Jun 10 2017, 03:16:45 AM
If u think she's gorgeous, u must be married to the ugly fat heffer in the world loser . Shut ur dumb fake ass up. White clown. All these threats make me tickle :)

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