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Teacher: Chris Jacobson

Unprofessional Teacher

Teacher Complaint About: Ferris High School - Chris Jacobson

Washington, SPOKANE
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 10

Occur date: Sep 01 2016
Post date: Feb 06 2017, 09:55:31 PM

Teacher Complaint: Chris Jacobson - Ferris High School

I've been with this teacher for the past semester and I cannot believe what I've experienced in this teacher's classroom for that duration of time. To begin with, Chris Jacobson mistreats most of his students from time to time. I've seen him yell at most of his students from either across the room or up close to you for no apparent reason. You need to have a "reason" of why you are yelling at your students. Apparently, he doesn't understand that at all and thinks that he can do whatever he wants to because it's his classroom and he's the boss. When it comes to talking to this teacher one-on-one (individually), there will be a chance that he would just get angry or mad at you for no apparent reason. Moreover, I personally feel like Chris Jacobson doesn't really teach the materials in his lesson plans that he's required to teach to his students very thoroughly. Everyday, he would just teach us something from his lesson plan for about 15-30 minutes (periods are approximately 55 minutes), and then the rest of the period is ours to do some sort of worksheet that we are required to do from him. I personally feel like he doesn't teach enough information to his students and that he should try to dedicate more time in his life to try to actually teach more information to us. But instead he teaches us stuff from his lesson plan for a little bit and then for the rest of the period he's just sitting at his desk being lazy and doing absolutely nothing at all. I've talked to my friends and others who have different chemistry teachers at this school. They have told me that their chemistry teacher actually teaches them stuff from their lesson plans for the majority of the period. So, why can't Mr. Jacobson do the same? Who knows. He's really strict when it comes to homework/classroom assignments. If you do or don't complete the homework/classroom assignments on a designated time or day, he'll still either groan at you, yell at you, or get angry at you for no apparent reason. I've never had a teacher do something like that to me before. This is the first teacher who has ever done something like that to me and I truly don't like that. Chris Jacobson just doesn't understand what students "like" about him and what students "dislike" about him. If he actually knew what his students liked and disliked about him, then he wouldn't be doing the things that he's still doing nowadays in his classroom no matter if you like it or not. He barely gives us any information on what we are "required" to do on the homework/classroom assignments. He just expects us to know it all without his type of help. There have been times where this teacher has actually thrown items at his students no matter how hard or how soft the item is. If an item that he throws at us actually hits us anywhere on our body he would never apologize. All he would say is "Maybe next time you should pay attention to your surroundings." He has never given us a WARNING when he threw these items at us. He just expects us to be ready and prepared to catch that specific item that he would throw towards us (our direction). Whenever Chris Jacobson comes near me I instantly feel scared because I feel like he will do something bad to me (I've felt this way since the beginning of the year). This teacher even made me cry once because of how rude and strict he was to me even though I know I didn't do anything wrong at all and I have never done anything wrong to this teacher before in my life. I'm really scared to talk to this teacher and I'm really scared to even be near him. I don't consider him as a "safe" person to be around with. Whenever the students answer his questions, ask him questions or even talk to him, he tends to call us lame, stupid, and mischievous no matter what we say to him. He never jokes with us when he says these words to us. He's just more literal than ever with what he says to his students.

Address: 3020 E 37TH AVE - Washington, SPOKANE Phone: 509-354-6000

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