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Teacher: Ms.motta Ms.ellis Mr.skelton

Unprofessional teachers dean and principal

Teacher Complaint About: Abraham Lincoln Hs - Ms.motta Ms.ellis Mr.skelton

New York, KINGS
Author: Yahaira
Grade: 7

Occur date: May 24 2019
Post date: May 29 2019, 11:06:02 AM

Teacher Complaint: Ms.motta Ms.ellis Mr.skelton - Abraham Lincoln Hs

So my son goes to this school since 6 grade and I've been having issues with the teachers ever since at first in the 6 grade my son had a paral name mr.e mind you my son is in special ed mr. E supposed to be a resp ok ansible and professional paral mean while he use to smoke in the bathrooms of the school be around all the teenage girls all the time and he had to keep n eye for my son so when my son got his tempura tantrums he would grab my son and tell him don't try it cause you can't beat me an I would have a problem with punishing u so I reported him had him removed from being my son's paral then ms.estrella was going with ms.e so she would do thing to get revenge for getting mr.e stopped from being a paral for certain 6 graders and she would always pick on my son and bully him giving all the student things and have my son sit there while the kids eat w.e she gave the student so I had my son removed from her class and now in the 7th grade kids bully my son I put a complain try to set a meeting and ms.motta gives me the run around can't even speak to her on the phone cause she didnt schedule a phone call with me seriously wat kind of professional principal is she she let's other kids bully my son and does nothing I hear every incident from my son why because they don't bother calling to let u know oh and mr.skelton has preference for his own race and nationality he treat his race like there his friends goofs with them takes them out on walks but when it comes to comunicatin with other students he screams at them so on Friday may 24th mr.skelton elbowed my son something like if ur walking to close to someone and ya bumped shoulders like that mind u dude weights about 180 or more he can hurt a small kid like mine make him fall n hit a wall or something so I'm trying to have a meeting to talk to him n ms.motta and nothing and ms.ellis is very unprofessional don't know how she became a teacher she screams at students she curses at them mind u she is a special ed teacher so on Friday may 24th she gave kids icecream and had my son sit in class watching them eat ice cream to punish him for being a few min late to class and she started cursing and telling him don't get mad is to teach you a lesson I don't care that she didnt give him ice cream to me is not professional she could of send him to the office or something but just have him sit there while everyone making fun off him he goes to counseling for emotional problems for them to be bullying him like that this school needs new principal and dean and also professional teacher or this school should be shut down

Address: 2800 OCEAN PKY - New York, KINGS Phone: 718-372-5474

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