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Teacher: Colette Plassman

VanWyckCollettePlassman porn/bullying

Teacher Complaint About: Van Wyck Jhs - Colette Plassman

Author: Annette Bennett
Grade: 8

Occur date: Feb 01 2012
Post date: May 25 2012, 04:24:34 AM

Teacher Complaint: Colette Plassman - Van Wyck Jhs

Ms. Plassman WAS my son's eighth grade science teacher at Van Wyck Middle School. She appears to be totally lacking any moral values AND she was a BULLY to my son. Check out the internet porn sites beginning with VanWyckCollettePlassman and you will see for yourself. HOW DISGUSTING! Luckily WE DEMANDED THAT my son be removed from her class in February 2012 due to various incidents. All of this was shared and documented with the school administration. And to think....bullying is regarded as one of the top -0- TOLERANCE issues at all schools INCLUDING VAN WYCK. IT IS POSTED ON THE SCHOOL WALLS WHEN YOU ENTER THE SCHOOL and is ADVERTISED THROUGH THE SCHOOL NEWS LETTERS.

WARNING*** IF YOUR CHILD IS GOING INTO EIGHTH GRADE AT VAN WYCK MIDDLE SCHOOL BEWARE! My son had wonderful teachers and enjoyed sixth through eighth grades except for Ms. Plassman and her assistant Ms. Cherico (and his eighth grade health teacher) who made my son's last year at Van Wyck so unbearable that he does not want to attend the stepping up ceremony for the eighth grade class. He cannot wait until he is out of Van Wyck. My son has never been a trouble maker and has always received nice comments from his teachers from kindergarten through eighth grade such as pleasure to have in class etc. These few awful teachers seem to have made it their life's work to make him miserable. They are VERY SAD REPRESENTATIVES OF TEACHING YOUNG CHILDREN.

It is disgraceful that Ms. Plassman is is still teaching-DOES TENURE MEAN SHE IS PROTECTED NO MATTER WHAT SHE DOES? HOW DISGUSTING SHE IS!

Address: 6 HILLSIDE LAKE RD - New York, DUTCHESS Phone: 845-227-1700

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Jun 18 2012, 01:42:08 PM
I find it odd that u did not remove your son till after ms. Plassman was accused of a video. I am also curious how you know the exact way to look for the video. Tell me have you seen it to verify it was even the person in question?if not then how can you judge her on what she is accused of? If so, then what kind of morals do you have to go looking for this?
It is known that what ever transpired with regards to a video happened more then 11years ago. Long before ms. Plassman was a teacher. Or do simple facts escape your child like mind? As for your child, I am sure they are by no means an angel. If this teacher had problems with your son it is most likely that your child is a total shit. I have worked at the same building and known ms. Plassman to be a wonderful caring person. We all make mistakes and should be foregiven when we do. But remeber judgement is gods job not yours, unless of course you feel superior to God!

Aug 10 2012, 01:57:06 PM
As a prior student of Ms. Plassman's, I feel the need to respond to this. Though Middle School was quite a while ago for me, some of my fondest memories are of this teacher's classes, and the kindness I found in Ms. Plassman. I was a child who experienced a good amount of bullying at that age, and Ms. Plassman was one of only several teachers who was an incredible resource for myself and my parents. She was also, incidentally, a fantastic teacher. I am now a Domestic Violence/ Rape Crisis Counselor; many of my clients have been victims of sexual harassment through the use of media. These "porn videos" that you speak of are more than likely private videos (which all consenting adults have full rights to make within the privacy of their own home, regardless of their profession) that were released without her consent to the public. Regardless of how you personally feel about that subject, spreading slanderous rumors about this woman's teaching abilities based on your opinion of this incident is irresponsible, unfair, and quite frankly, childish. I would recommend Ms. Plassman as a teacher to anyone, and wish her the best in getting through what has to be a painfully embarrassing predicament at this time. (Thanks to individuals like this one).

Ron Jeremy
Teacher In Complaint
Oct 09 2013, 11:08:08 AM
Ms. Plassman CAN GET IT! (and judging by the video, she did!)

A Student
Feb 08 2016, 05:35:09 PM
i have her as a teacher right now. she cant teach at all and she is very mean to all the kids in the class she does sexual contact and she doesnt teach well at all, she was in a "video" p**n vid that is bad and if a teacher was in porn videos she shouldnt be a teacher at vanwyck, that is gross. she is bad and not nice

Feb 08 2016, 05:45:09 PM
more than 20 kids in my class in science hate ms plassman, she is mean to us, not nice to us, stares at us, and does creepy smiles and looks to us. the whole period which is 40 mins she just talks to us about what our expectations are in class, we dont learn anything in the class, she does do sexual CONTACT and she made 3 kids cry in my class, and she was in PORN VIDEOS, all the kids get very low test scores in the class, i got three 30%% on tests, most kids are failing in the class because she cannot teach, she gives ms charico dirty looks in class when shee has her backk turned and she is the meanest teacher ever THIS WEEK SHE MADE SOMEONE CRY she said that a girl smelled in the class and then she pointed to the girl WTF?? she is mean to everyone, SHE WAS IN PORN VIDEOS, THATS NOT NORMAL, WHY DOES SHE TEACH AT A GOD DAMN SCHOOL,she givees us so much homework and we fail tests cuaze she doesnt teach us crap, WHEN MR SIANA COMES IN THE ROOM SHE ACTS FAKE AND SHE PRETENDS SHE COULD TEACH AND RIGHT WHEN HE LEAVES SHE STARTS YELLING AT US, she gives so much stressed to my life WTF MS PLASSMAN WAS IN PORN VIDEOS?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Feb 08 2016, 05:47:26 PM

Teacher In Complaint
Jun 27 2016, 07:56:36 PM
Yes I had her last year and I was a pretty good student in science most of my grades were high 80 low 90 and the first test grade that she handed back was a 45.now this shocked me and I asked her if she could help me.she completely disregarded me and kept teaching her awful ways. She was never consistent with what she taught.one day we would be learning about isolines next we would learn about the human body then go back to the lines. this generally made kids in my class confused and lost so
Much respect from me and my class mates when she lied to a Princeable that a kid was cursing in her class. Which he wasnt at all and ms cherico was not bad at all she helped me in Spanish all the time and I generally liked her. But back to the subject ms plassman was a all around jerk that no one really liked or respected yes it is true that she was in a porn video but that's not a reason to not let her teach if anything it would help because she would know about the human body a lot more then most teachers.

Teacher In Complaint
Jun 27 2016, 08:11:12 PM

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