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Mannie Martinez

Teacher: Vanessa Barela

Vanessa Barela- Fired

Teacher Complaint About: Mannie Martinez - Vanessa Barela

Colorado, DENVER
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 7

Occur date: Feb 03 2012
Post date: Feb 29 2012, 04:01:34 PM

Teacher Complaint: Vanessa Barela - Mannie Martinez

My complaint has to deal with the character assassination dated February 3rd 2012, of Ms. Vanessa Barela. The complaints old, are unfounded and not based in fact. The complaint was written by someone she knows well who suffers from poor sell esteem and has nothing better to do except elevate themselves by putting others down. In a nutshell it is defamation of character.

Everyone who knows Ms. Barela and researches her background in depth will find that she is an outstanding caring human being with impeccable credentials. Many schools here in New Mexico want this native daughter to return and have her serve as a roll model to the impressionable Hispanic youth.

The danger of a website like this one and others like Facebook is that someone can manufacture stories and take total untruths and innuendo and create the perception that they are true. There is no balance and fairness.

For the record, Ms. Barela currently hold three degrees from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. Those are a BUS in General Science, a BS in Environmental Engineering and a Masters Degree in Science Education. That can easily be verified by contacting New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

Ms. Barela is Gates Millennium Scholar and spends her summer teaching at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

If all the accusations are true then why does the college request that she teach?

Do your homework and find out the facts about someone,

Address: - Colorado, DENVER Phone:

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