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Teacher: Vanessa Barela

Vanessa Barela Was FIRED From Old School!

Teacher Complaint About: Manny Martinez Middle School - Vanessa Barela

Colorado, DENVER
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: K

Occur date: Dec 20 2009
Post date: Oct 31 2013, 10:25:46 AM

Teacher Complaint: Vanessa Barela - Manny Martinez Middle School

Vanessa Barela is a teacher at Manny Martinez Middle School as a science teacher. However, in 2009, she was working at New Mexico Tech Child Center. At NMT Child Center, her title was "Student Assistant". In this position, individuals are required to monitor children and assist teachers in their daily activities and duties. As a resource to the community, NMT Child Center often had children from foster systems and state run institutions. With these students, workers must be very careful to properly care for these children and protect their identities. Often, Ms. Barela was observed texting or talking on her cell phone while monitoring these and other young ECE children. An accident report was filed for one student who fell face first onto the concrete while in Ms. Barela's care. Accidents do happen. However, the child had to be picked up and cared for by another student assistant because Ms. Barela was talking on her cell phone during the incident. The child received lacerations and swelling to his face. In December of 2009, Ms. Barela photographed a foster care child on her cell phone and uploaded the picture to facebook. She captioned this picture "This kid looks so much like my ex boyfriend. He even has the same last name." This child was in the middle of a highly controversial and very protected custody case. This picture was posted on her PUBLIC facebook profile for everyone to see. When this was discovered, Ms. Barela was asked to come in to speak to the director of the program. She refused to come in and took TWO days to take the picture down. Ms. Barela claims she found better work and chose to leave NMT Child Center. However, she was terminated from this position. She never disclosed this information to the school where she was hired on as a substitute afterward. This is against the law in NM. (If you are fired due to posting of defamatory material against a child, you are required to disclose this information.) Her entire experience is based on lies. Is this who you want to teach your child? Check into her licensing. She had to come back to school in order to officially graduate. Her first degree was only a degree in basic sciences! She failed her FE exam! Her grades and test scores were so low in graduate school that she dropped out before she was kicked out. On her teacher description for Manny Martinez, she can't even spell license correctly. Are you sure she actually has one? Is your child supposed to be in a protected situation? Then you may want to reconsider having him or her around Ms. Barela. Their face may end up posted all over the web.

Address: - Colorado, DENVER Phone:

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