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Teacher: Pricipal Yigal Joseph

Verbal abuse/ Permitted physical assault on child by school personell

Teacher Complaint About: Columbus School - Pricipal Yigal Joseph

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 3

Occur date: Dec 01 2010
Post date: Dec 18 2011, 03:07:19 AM

Teacher Complaint: Pricipal Yigal Joseph - Columbus School

The above date is approximate, and continues, when speaking to parents of a 2, 3, and 4th graders, I was shocked to learn that a Hispanic principal, in a predominately Mexican American populated community, quite large in stature, has had several incidents where he has become verbally abusive to the children in the school he presently presides over.The children have reported that they are "Frightened of Joseph" and have had many incidents where he has made "Fun of them" comments like "If you were smart,you would still be in class, and not in my office." He has been seen by one parent of a 3rd grader, coming outside of the school and screaming, calling the children "Knuckleheads" after having been told they were outside throwing snowballs at each other before school began at 8:00am. This same parent went to Yigal Joseph to report that a school personnel, who admitted to the incident,"Kicked her son in the back,in an attempt to say hi to him." Parent did admit to be fuming, when going to Principal Joseph, as the incident happened in front of her. Parent was asked to go into Yigal Joseph's office to report incident, and parent claims that she stated "If you are going to make excuses for what "Anita" did, then we have nothing to talk about", Joseph's reply was "Then we have nothing to talk about." Parent went to New Rochelle City Hall Board of Education to report incident, and Joseph"s lack of appropriate response, a meeting was held with parties involved and "Anita" was found to be guilty and a State complaint filed against her for "Inappropriate contact against a child". Parent states Joseph was very upset with mother for reporting the incident to City Hall, and has allowed continued attacks and misconduct against child, forcing parent to relocate and move child from the harm and risk of Joseph. There are reports of other parents, surprisingly Hispanic, who also have moved out of area, as to change school locations for their child, as New Rochelle has school zoning laws. We need to protect our children from the likes of Yigal Joseph, we need to protect our precious commodities, our future, our children.

Address: 250 GRAMATAN AVE - New York, WESTCHESTER Phone: 914-665-5090

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