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Teacher: Deeann Montañez

Very unprofessional Counselor

Teacher Complaint About: Mead - Deeann Montañez

Texas, BEXAR
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: N/A

Occur date: May 16 2018
Post date: Jun 15 2018, 09:42:39 PM

Teacher Complaint: Deeann Montañez - Mead

Very unprofessional counselor she was rude and put words into my mouth. She was calling to complain how my special needs child was placed in ISS for misbehaving during a long Staar test when he wasn’t even given the extra breaks noted on his IEP by this time I was so tired of the daily teacher phone calls that I decided to just brush it off. So I asked her if there was any male teachers in 5th grade for next year since I felt my child would do better with a male teacher she asked why do you say that. I reply with well he loves hanging out with his uncles and he looks up to them. She replies in a very harsh voice HOW OLD ARE HIS UNCLES? I reply they’re 18 & 23 but he grew up with them and they’re like his brothers. She the replies, SO ARE YOU SAYING HE DOES’NT RESPECT YOU!? Smh! I tell her excuse me? I DID’NT SAY THAT AT ALL! I continue to be very nice since my coworkers were all standing there hearing the whole conversation. She then replies we have male teachers in BMC and ISS, I tell her I don’t think you’re understanding I’m talking about a male teacher in a coteacher setting and at this point I feel you and his teacher are just pushing BMC on me and My child is special needs not aggressive so why would he need BMC and she goes on to say that even one of the BMC students thinks my child would benefit from BMC. I didn’t know other students would put input into another child’s education. She also, told me it was against the law to install cameras in the classroom if requested by a parent when I suggested if my child was so aggressive I thought maybe we should install cameras since I haven’t seen him being aggressive then quickly changed the subject on me by asking very personal questions which I refused to answer.

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