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Teacher: Ron Coleman

Violation of Rights

Teacher Complaint About: Stebbins High School - Ron Coleman

Author: Anthony Schoonover
Grade: 11

Occur date: Nov 01 2013
Post date: Nov 01 2013, 05:00:03 PM

Teacher Complaint: Ron Coleman - Stebbins High School

I was sitting in 6th period today and this girl ripped a part of my hoodie, next period i asked the teacher to go down to the office so she wrote me a pass. When i arrived at the office i asked the lady at the front desk if i couuld get something to fix my hoodie and she responded,"No, you need to go back to class, if you want to fix your hoodie then come by at the end of the day.". as i walked out the door to the office i muttered under my breath,"This is some 'bullshit'.". The lady at the front desk toldme to get back into the office, 'i was not ganna sit their and disresped her like that'. Ron Coleman proceeded into the office and the woman at the desk began to tell him how i was being so disrespectful towards her and i was being completely 'disobedint'. With out asking my side of the story he called me into his office and told me i was being suspended. i tried to explain my side of the story but he had his mind made up to suspend me. i shortly after asked him for two grievance papers, one for him and one for the lady at the front desk. he replied,"We do not do grievances here.". asked to call my mom and he refused me multiple times.

I am i probation student and my probation officer was contacted about the situation, and once again i was refused to talk to her my Mr. Ron Coleman. i currently have a job and dont wanna lose it by getting arrested for something that happend at school that i did not do...

Address: 1900 HARSHMAN RD - Ohio, MONTGOMERY Phone: 937-237-4250

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