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pionciana academy of fine arts

Teacher: Ms. Rachel Cruz

WARNING TEACHER BULLY and grade manipultor

Teacher Complaint About: Pionciana Academy Of Fine Arts - Ms. Rachel Cruz

Florida, OSCEOLA
Author: Sgaxf
Grade: 5 - Bus: 1111

Occur date: Mar 24 2014
Post date: Mar 24 2015, 06:24:55 PM

Teacher Complaint: Ms. Rachel Cruz - Pionciana Academy Of Fine Arts

This teacher has been Bulling children and manipulating grades in her cl*** for years and hasn't been fired because she is friends with the principal Ms. Sheri Turchi. Numerous complaints have been made to the administrators as well as the school board but they do nothing except sweep issues under the rug and just "agree to disagree". If you really want to pursue anything legally they don't care because they are under immunity which draws out a lengthy legal process in which they are insured. In addition any teachers or staff which try to speak up against the wrong doing are threatened with lay-off because of the contract they sign to teach there. its been close to several families that have been effected by her actions yet she still teaches... there is a hand full of staff that has worked there and left due to situations that happened.If you plan on sending your child to this school, Pay very close attention to their grades and work and don't let your child become a victim of bulling from especially teachers like this one.

pionciana academy of fine arts - SCHOOL INFORMATION:
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