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Teacher: Sam Oppenheim

We demand the termination of criminal lunatic Sam Oppenheim

Teacher Complaint About: East - Sam Oppenheim

New York, QUEENS
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Mar 20 2017
Post date: Dec 03 2019, 08:10:38 AM

Teacher Complaint: Sam Oppenheim - East

I am a parent, I am transgender and African American, and my children are being discriminated against by racist homophobe Sam Oppenheim. I not speak enlgihs well. Sorry. I and many of us demanding please the termination Sam Oppenheim.

We not understand why he is allowed to teach. he is clearly insane. Mentally unstable. He continue bully my child about same issues, almost as if he robot. Oppenheim has no emotion continually promotes Moslem agenda and is reading to his students from the Quoran and other religious texts. We did not send our Childs to this school for religion!!!!!!!

This man bad news. Crazy. I not speak English well so I am afraid to tell my name I hope you understand. We are afraid of Sam. He appears nice but is CRAZY.

Same Oppenheim crazy. Please someone have Sam remove from Education and put in psych hostel.
We are OUTRAGED BY the behavior of Sam

Address: - New York, QUEENS Phone:

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