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Teacher: N/a

What happened to recess???

Teacher Complaint About: Joseph S. Stackhouse - N/a

Author: Tiffany Dawson
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Oct 15 2013
Post date: Oct 31 2013, 10:13:17 AM

Teacher Complaint: N/a - Joseph S. Stackhouse

Stackhouse school has been one dissappointment after another.
I transferred my son once from this school due to verbally abusive teacher aides, unprofessional bus drivers & a general lack of interest in what is best for the students.
I'm pretty sure there were some misappropriated funds recently for this district as well by a school employee.
This year due to the new school rezonings... My son is right back into Stackhouse.
Needless to say I was not happy about the move, but decided to suck it up buttercup & put on my optimism & give it our best shot!
...the school has done nothing but pour salt into the emotional scars left on my son from his last year at Stackhouse. Although this year, his teacher has been exceptional. No complaints there this year! Thank goodness.
And the thing that takes the cake for me right now is that all stackhouse children currently enrolled in school this year have lost their recess area.
The playground is still there and all the equipment mind you. However it's just not for the use of students...(I believe the reason all year has been, "there is a pile of mulch that must be spread out..." & Please correct me if I am wrong here, I'd live to see the reason wrote out in black & white.
As I was stating this year instead of recess. The children are made to do a "walking club", where they "MUST WALK everyday during recess time" on a disgusting unsanitary field adjacent to the school. This field has tree roots galore, glass, cigarette butts and animal feces on it.... This field is also where pemberton practices football. I have seen kids vomit during practice & there is no cleaning/ sanitizing of the area afterwards...
Yesterday at said "walking club" my son tripped on one of the roots & knocked his tooth out.
This is the second time he has tripped on a root & hurt hisself., & he is definitely not the only child to have accidents, out on this unsanitary field.
"I just don't understand why the school isn't letting the children use the designated playground as opposed to the field of filth adjacent to the school.
...I'd like to add, I am not opposed to a walking club instead of recess persay... However I would like my son & all the other students to have a SAFER ENVIRONMENT for this school activity to take place at... Since the school in fact wants to make it mandatory for the children, in place of the more traditional recess where the children walk on the schools designated playground area.
"I am even willing to go spread the mulch myself @ this point!!
Anything to give these children a fun and safe experience.

Very respectfully,
Tiffany Dawson (a concerned parent)

Address: TRENTON RD. - New Jersey, BURLINGTON Phone: 609-893-8141

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