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Teacher: Cindy Ramdial

Worst Teacher Ever

Teacher Complaint About: Arthur J. Gallagher Neighborho - Cindy Ramdial

Florida, OSCEOLA
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 10

Occur date: Jan 28 2014
Post date: Jan 28 2014, 09:22:44 PM

Teacher Complaint: Cindy Ramdial - Arthur J. Gallagher Neighborho

Worst teacher ever; irrelevant content, class is seriously disorganized, she acts like shes superior to every one in her class; It seems like she cares more of being a figure of authority than anything else. Back to the class being disorganized, One day we'll be summarizing paragraphs, the next day we'll be doing reading logs, then the next we'll be writing essays on the same prompt we've been doing all year, all the work is beyond tedious and feels broken apart like there's nothing to be learned from it. And about her being an authoritative figure, She threatens to send a kid to the deans or principle at least once a day for the smallest thing. We were in the computer lab doing some practice test, and I turned the computer screen sideways because that's the way I'm used to using it at home and in engineering. She came up to me and said "Do you want to go to the dean?" I said "No, This is how I'm used to using computers" and she said "I don't care, this is my class and you'll do what I say" and then proceeded to say "Now you're down to a 5 out of 20 for well, I don't know" and I preceded to argue with her over the fact that she "didn't know". Then because my friends computer next to me froze up she blamed me and then threatened to send me to the principle for breaking a computer... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? And again the same day I had clicked off a plug-in popup and she starting saying " Why do you have to mess with the computers constantly?" I am now down to a 33% in her class a week into the 2nd semester due to her ridiculousness. Its not just this example but many others throughout the year. She grades based on how she feels about you not for quality of work or even correctness for that matter. My year has been the worst at the school so far due to her, and everyone in my class period has agreed with me. I still have yet to see how she got supposed "teacher of the year", She is clearly undeserving of that title. I am not writing this message through hate or anger but just because I don't want other students to have to have the same experience as me. I am by no means a bad student as I try in every class but I have still yet to learn a single thing all year. Please don't just ignore or pass up my message something needs to be done about her and her ludicrous actions.

Address: 3300 SCHOOL HOUSE ROAD - Florida, OSCEOLA Phone: 407-957-3570

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