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Redken International Academy of style

Teacher: Bonnie Shultz

Worst school I have ever gone to!

Teacher Complaint About: Redken International Academy Of Style - Bonnie Shultz

Nevada, WASHOE
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 12

Occur date: Oct 25 2017
Post date: Nov 02 2017, 05:59:42 PM

Teacher Complaint: Bonnie Shultz - Redken International Academy Of Style

I have never been to a worse school in my life. This school is only about money hungry dictators who like to embarrass and harass there students. Who I may mention only keep making them all this money. We can’t even get paper towels or real soap for the bathrooms but yet the owner just got cheek implants and has 8 Cadillac’s. Not to mention, we just had a huge plumping issue that happened on Tuesday so bad that the school had to shut down to the public but not to the students. When students asked to go to the bathroom Bonnie told them “ go out back by the dumpster” or you can clock out and leave”. How dare you not let us use our own bathroom and get it fixed the next day, while everyone had to suffer that night and the next morning. The instructors are just as bad as the owners they constantly belittle you, talk about you to other students and make you feel stupid. I have never been more disappointed in paying this much for this horrible education. The owners threaten us whenever we have a concern and bring it to their attention they threaten to withdraw you. What kind of school is that? And when an issue is brought up they don’t do one thing about it even know most of the things they do are illegal. They know no one will report them because they threaten to close and us loose all of our well desecrved hours.

Redken International Academy of style - SCHOOL INFORMATION:
Address: - Nevada, WASHOE Phone:

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