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Teacher: Cheryl Williamson

Worst teacher EVER, mistreatment to students

Teacher Complaint About: Lakota Middle School - Cheryl Williamson

Washington, KING
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 7

Occur date: Jan 31 2019
Post date: Jan 31 2019, 02:46:59 PM

Teacher Complaint: Cheryl Williamson - Lakota Middle School

Very rude to students and is unfair. In fact one of my friends are crying while i'm writing this and this is because my teacher lost his work that he put so much time into and she is not owning up and taking responsibility. She mocks students and sometimes even when we aren't doing anything, then the teacher just assumes that some people is causing problems and the thing is they get in trouble for what they didn't do and i got in trouble because of this a few times before and tells us that she is going to tell or email our parents and also just says that we are messing around no matter what we were doing. Her favorite words are NO STOP< BECAUSE YOU ARE MESSING AROUND. She brags about her past and that she was so great before. She is a hypocrite. Please help

Address: 1415 SW 314TH ST - Washington, KING Phone: 253-945-4800

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