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Teacher: Ms. Sewell

Wrongful grades

Teacher Complaint About: Health Professions & Human Svcs Hs - Ms. Sewell

New York, NEW YORK
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 12

Occur date: Feb 01 2017
Post date: Feb 01 2017, 12:04:59 PM

Teacher Complaint: Ms. Sewell - Health Professions & Human Svcs Hs

I kindly asked this teacher if I can make up work during the first marking period, since my grades were slowly getting lower. I had a job at the time so it was hard. So the next marking period i started going to her class during one if my free periods since this class had computers so it was easier to do. She ONLY excepts emailed work. & if it's after the due time she'll put it in trash mail. I continued to try and do her work and kids complained that she kept changing the criteria since everything she said was verbal. "This will prepare you for college," she said. Alot of us got low grades that marking period and she does not accept make up work or extra credit since she's also a senior advisor she thinks this is too much for her. She doesn't need to grade this work. But everyone deserves a second chance, especially our senior year. We are struggling to complete college work, challenged with our jobs, and the stress the school is putting on us. We all complain about not getting enough sleep. She ended up giving me 55's for both MP1 & 2. I was confused, how did i get this grade? I take AP classes and a medical assisting class, but this simple class gave me a 55? So I complained to my guidance counselor who is new to the school. She clearly didn't understand since she said just ask her for makeup work. I ended up quitting my job, and struggling to pay for senior dues, due to this. I decided to try and concentrate on school only. My counselor spoke to the teacher and said if I do the work from here on out that she'll pass me. I went to that class every single day and worked hard. She smiled in my face, and failed me again with a 55. 4 Years in high school i've never went to summer school. I have always passed every class. But due to this ONE class that you can ONLY take that semester I have to go. I cannot walk across the stage with my friends in June. This will affect my college life they might take back their acceptances. I once again complained. I asked my counselor why this was. I was absent 0 times it says and i have a 55 throughout all marking periods? She said she can't help me. I asked to transfer schools and she asked why would I do that? She had told one of my friends that if she makes up 9 assignments from all marking periods she will pass her. I went up to her today, February 1st, 2017. I asked if i do the same thing will she pass me? She said straight up no, in front of me and my friends face. I asked why not? She said my friend had a grade in the 60's. I then continued to say i only have a 55 because she wouldn't let me make up work. Do you see where she sounds like a hypocrite? She just shrugged her shoulders. I asked if i can do anything to get at least a 65, she said no. I walked away. I will now go to my counselor once again and explain the situation. If she says no, i will go to the principal, if he also can't do anything and i cant transfer schools, i will stop payments for prom and senior dues. I highly doubt i will go to summer school because i have lost my motivation. How can such a smart girl who takes AP computer science, Medical assisting, and fairytale english fail a SIMPLE government class? 55 is for students who don't even attend. Afterwards, kids were telling me I have to be a kiss ass for her to pass me. She likes attention. she talks about her life in class and always gets off topic. that's why we can never finish our work and she says email it. I am very upset and depressed because of this. Please avoid this teacher. She needs to decide whether to be a senior advisor of a governmen teacher, because she cannot be both.

Address: 345 E 15TH ST - New York, NEW YORK Phone: 212-780-9175

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