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Teacher: Aimee Omenazu

You won’t believe what Aimee did to our class

Teacher Complaint About: Percy Julian Middle School - Aimee Omenazu

Illinois, COOK
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 9

Occur date: Aug 29 2017
Post date: Jun 30 2018, 04:54:00 PM

Teacher Complaint: Aimee Omenazu - Percy Julian Middle School

To begin with Ms. Omenazu is one of the worst teachers out there. There are so many reasons as to why she is the worst.. The main reason is because she is extremely rude and ignorant towards students and their parents. She doesn’t give the slightest **** about students feelings. When I was in eight grade, she was my Language Arts teacher. I honestly felt so bad for myself and others who had to go through a living hell in her class, everyday for 40 minutes for 170 days. Walking into that class every morning and seeing her face, always put me in my worst mood. I just disliked her so much with a passion. Another reason why she is the absolute worst is because she has an odd way of teaching. Apparently, her way of teaching consists of sitting in the back of the class eating food, while the rest of the class had to figure out what to do. Omenazu never explained the work that was to be done. She never liked helping students out even when she would assign a six paragraph essay two days before it was due. She just sits back and relaxes as we struggle in class. She is an extremely lazy teacher and may God punish her for putting us 13 and 14 year olds through hell. Omenazu would have small procedures for the stupidest things ever. For example, the desks had to be in perfect rows and columns. But very specifically, the desks had to be 4 1/2 tiles away from the front and 2 tiles apart from each desk. She also has a procedure where there had to be a class dismissal leader. She also had us take a 20 word- 18 question quiz each and every Friday. She also has this thing called IRP’s where we would have to read a CHAPTER book every 2 1/2 weeks and annotate every single page. I could go on and on about the torture she put us through. I very much understand that she’s only doing it to prepare us for high school, but sometimes she goes WAY over the limit where things where just so overwhelming and too much to handle. She gives so much work as if she is the only class that students have. I am sorry to break it to you but students are also juggling work from other classes and extra curricular activities on top. It is just too much and if she ever reads this, I hope she takes something out of this and have empathy for the students. One last that she does that really pisses most of her students off is that outside of class when we are not doing anything acedemically related (field trips, advisory, class activities...) she would totally switch her attitude towards the students. She will start to act so nice and try to have so much fun with you. She will pretend that she cares for you and she’ll act like she doesn’t put you through a hell in her class. She’ll transform into the cool teacher that everyone likes. You’ll be very surprised how she can change so fast. But don’t be manipulated because she is still the ***** she is on the inside. I didn’t have it easy in eighth grade especially in her class. Things were just so bad and many of the students went through so much stress and anxiety in her class alone. I am sorry for any students who have been in her class and went through what I went through. You didn’t deserve to go through that. And for any students entering her class, I wish you the best of luck. One thing I advice is to stay on top of all your notes and readings in her class and please stay organized or else you’ll be miserable just like I was. Things will definitely be hard in her class but you’ll get through it and at the end of the year you’ll feel like the real champ. All you students reading this, I hope you grow up to have a successful life and hopefully Omenazu will die lonely with no value in life.

Address: 416 S RIDGELAND AVE - Illinois, COOK Phone: 708-524-3040

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