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Teacher: Internship

Young internship teacher bad attitude

Teacher Complaint About: Parkview Es - Internship

Oklahoma, OKLAHOMA
Author: Internship (white Female)
Grade: K

Occur date: Nov 23 2013
Post date: Nov 23 2013, 04:40:47 PM

Teacher Complaint: Internship - Parkview Es

I am a parent for kid 5 year. I busy to work hard make sure my child have a good and the best. I drop of he every day about 5 month. I can't believe over there have some teacher very bad attitude, some young teachers internship to smoking cigarette on parking lot. sometime i see they joking not serious deride mock..., (white)teacher. she make the children black, asian sit alone... I never ever seen kind teacher like that. How could she do that on space school ???? treat you as a parent and student. whole class is failing because she don't help are teacher them she gives them the work and they have to do it themselves but yet the principle wont do anything about it!!! We need help to get this teacher out of their and one that wants to work with are kids.
educators is a volatile, sensitive subject that's been whispered about in school hallways and behind closed office doorsas
Children are often taught in school to look out for adults who might bad them. But sometimes, the grown-ups in their not value to become the good teacher.


Address: 5701 MACKELMAN DR - Oklahoma, OKLAHOMA Phone: 405-671-8670

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