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Teacher: John Deere

a complaint about parents

Teacher Complaint About: Lagrange Ms - John Deere

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 6

Occur date: May 04 2010
Post date: May 04 2010, 05:59:38 PM

Teacher Complaint: John Deere - Lagrange Ms

As a teacher I find it completely disrespectful when a student gets into trouble and their parent calls the school ready to complain about the teacher. Instead, one idea is that you punish your child for disrupting class! This is one of the main problems with America today is that parents want to be buddies, and want teachers to be their child's parents! It is absolutely ridiculous that teachers have to put up with the insanity that a majority of the students get away with today. When I was a kid, which wasn't that long ago, I didn't act up more because I was afraid of what my parents were going to do to me, more than what was going to happen with the teacher!

Address: 110 STRINGHAM RD - New York, DUTCHESS Phone: 845-486-4880

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Teacher In Complaint
May 06 2010, 10:00:09 PM
You are a sick and disgraceful excuse for a teacher. Thanks goodness we live in another state and don't have to deal with the likes of you. The problem with you and teachers like you is that you treat students like animals, and not like individual people who deserve respect. You have no business teaching our children, with your rotten attitude.

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