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Teacher: Mrs Dugar

abuse from a teacher.

Teacher Complaint About: Jackson Elementary - Mrs Dugar

California, RIVERSIDE
Author: Tanya Arline
Grade: 1

Occur date: Mar 13 2018
Post date: May 10 2018, 02:02:48 AM

Teacher Complaint: Mrs Dugar - Jackson Elementary

To whom it may concern. I have a daughter that attends jackson elementary school.incident happen on march 13th 2018. when I the parent came to pick my daughter up from the heart program about 5:30 .she proceed to tell me that her wrist was hurting. I look @ my daughter wrist and saw red mark on her right wrist. i ask my daughter what happen and she proceed to tell me what happen . that they were on the P.E field and they switch classes with another teacher. MRS Dugar to play leap frog on the black top. my daughter proceed to tell me how she was yelling and was very upset when they got into her group, they were put into four groups on the black top. when MRS Dugar went over two another student of my daughter friend and yelled and pointed her finger in her face.my daughter told me that she heard MRS Dugar say a name and she thought she called her so she step out of line a little bit and ask MRS Dugar did you call me? .and she reapplied back NO i didn't call you. proceed to come to my daughter with force and grab my daughter hand and jerk her hand up with force and squeeze her right wrist where she could not move it with pressure . my daughter told me that she was trying to get her hand from the teacher but she was still squeezing it. MRS Dugar open her hand up and my daughter hand slam down hard to her side.they will not show me the video they proceed to tell me it didn't happen. soI filed complaint with civil education department and school district on behalf of my daughter. this has cause my daughter stress and anxiety .were I have a hard time taking her to school. my daughter is not aware of this kind of discipline at all .as her mother i will find justice for this.because my daughter cries over this.

Address: 4585 JACKSON ST. - California, RIVERSIDE Phone: 909-788-7456

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