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Teacher: Taryn Hope

apathy 101

Teacher Complaint About: Interlake Senior High School - Taryn Hope

Washington, KING
Author: A Disgruntled Taxpayer
Grade: 12

Occur date: Jan 18 2020
Post date: Feb 04 2020, 04:41:51 PM

Teacher Complaint: Taryn Hope - Interlake Senior High School

I went online to search up Taryn Hope and found that her salary is over $100,000 dollars per year. Her apathy and general laziness in the classroom environment warrants her a salary no more than 1/10 of that. Her personality and lack of effort is an example of the BSD gone berserk.

Taryn Hope shows absolutely no attention towards students in class. Her idea of a class is to do one or two examples from each lesson from the textbook and assign her students practice problems to do for the rest of the class (problems that, we will later find, have absolutely nothing to do with the content of her tests). For at least 30 minutes per 50-minute class period, Taryn Hope sits at her desk lifelessly, either checking email, perusing her cell phone, or chatting with other teachers. She shows little to no interest in her job, leaving her students confused.

Even worse, she chooses to never grade student homework so she has absolutely no way to gauge the understanding or provide help to her students. She also provides NO chance for students to retake tests or quizzes, essentially making it impossible for students to learn from their mistakes or even learn the material properly. Instead, she boosts every test score by 10 percent to prevent students from complaining about their grades (or bring it up to their parents). In tutorial, she particularly enjoys allocating her time to talk about her son and vacations while devoting little attention to students who actually need help.

It's not hard to experience an entire class period where Taryn Hope doesn't even give any sort of lesson to her students; instead she has them do self-corrections of complicated AP material. Her grading policy is completely inconsistent; sometimes she arbitrarily chooses to put some homework assignments in the grade book and others not, with no warning to students nor a chance to redo them. She claims to needs time to grade assignments and tests (and takes over two weeks to grade short tests) while blatantly doing nothing during classes or tutorial, sort of like a hibernating bear.

Her teaching style would confuse even the most proficient students, let alone the ones who actually need help learning. In a time where school systems are failing around the country with a lack of books and proper facilities, Taryn Hope's woeful incompetence is quite frankly an insult to all teachers.

It hurts me to say that the BSD often neglects Interlake High School as a whole.

A six-figure salary warrants at least some kind of competence and hard work. Taryn Hope has the materials, the time, and the money to properly teach to her students one of the most challenging math curricula in high school (IB Math HL 1/Calculus); she just chooses not to.

Currently, the BSD is pushing for a bond to give itself even MORE money but I would be weary of giving them even a penny more of my money before they can prove they can properly spend the billions they already have.

Address: 16245 NE 24TH STREET - Washington, KING Phone: 425-456-7200

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