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helen keeling elementary

Teacher: Mr Stoner And Michelle Secretary


Teacher Complaint About: Helen Keeling Elementary - Mr Stoner And Michelle Secretary

Arizona, PIMA
Author: Nanette Perez
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Dec 09 2013
Post date: Jan 16 2014, 05:26:19 PM

Teacher Complaint: Mr Stoner And Michelle Secretary - Helen Keeling Elementary

Well first off I was pta president for four yrs at keeling district and volunteered a lot but my twelve year old got sick with his heart and had to home school him than I had another baby so I stopped volunteering my last volunteer time was haloween 2012 I've been at keeling for 8 or 9 yrs and it upsets me cause I've been upset a few times and the secretary has went off on me in front of my kids other students and teachers I've brought it to the principals attention and he says he willl deal with it but she keeps doing it I even had her in the principals office and she lied to his face and now the principal has me on a no pass zone I have two young children that go there I can't walk them to class anymore its been about two or three months the principal said he would take me off after thanksgiving and than the secretary went off on me again and now he's not I've talked to the district office and no help I want to get a petition from all the teachers because I've never had a problem with anyone all the things the principal said for all the reasons why m on no pass zone is not true I didn't fight it cause mr stoner the principal told me it was just for a little while now its getting outta hand and I just want to be able to walk my kids to class when and everytime I have an issue I bring it to the principals attention to work it out its very unfair especially them taking advantage of their positions and mistreating someone that loves that school and has givin a lot of my time to something needs to be done can you please help me one more thing they are treating my like a sex offender and as a matter of fact there is a parent that is one and I've seen him in the office several times he drops his kids off and I brought to the office attention and she told me oh it was a long time ago and its ok so please help I'm calling attorney general for discrimination also and getting a petition ready my number is9289616705 my name is nanette thank you for your time

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