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Teacher: Susan Ande-smith

incomptent teacher

Teacher Complaint About: Sea Breeze Elementary School - Susan Ande-smith

Florida, MANATEE
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 2

Occur date: Jun 04 2014
Post date: Jun 14 2014, 09:21:30 PM

Teacher Complaint: Susan Ande-smith - Sea Breeze Elementary School

This teacher is rude, ill-educated and misses more school than any of the children in her class. She does not communicate with parents and stated herself that "it is the child's responsibility to know what they need to do." My child just turned 8 years old and I feel that this teacher is not capable of caring for children in this age range, let alone babysit. Instead of giving the students 1:1 attention, she gets frustrated and sends them to a kindergarten class where they sit for hours. She advocates that some children "need medication" and that many students should be evaluated. I am not the only parent in this class that feels this way...however, I am brave enough to speak out. I do not want my child to be treated differently. I am going to the Principal tomorrow since the end of year is coming. My child has told me that this teacher bullies children when their parents call her out. Something needs to be done.

Address: 3601 71STREET STREET, W - Florida, MANATEE Phone: 941-741-3190

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Susan Ande-Smith
Teacher In Complaint
Mar 06 2015, 07:41:39 PM
No idea who wrote the inaccurate and rude comment since I have never had any complaints. I have never sent a child to a Kindergarten cl*** and I have never mentioned that a student may need medication! Very strange complaint, the parent is welcome to contact me personally since no parent has complained about me to the principal. As far as ill-educated, with a Master's degree, National Board and many hours of additional cl***es, I have not idea what that is about?!

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