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Teacher: Ms Lowery

kindergarten teachers are so important

Teacher Complaint About: Stoney Point Elementary - Ms Lowery

North Carolina, CUMBERLAND
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: K

Occur date: Apr 23 2012
Post date: Apr 24 2012, 04:15:34 PM

Teacher Complaint: Ms Lowery - Stoney Point Elementary

This teacher has no heart for her kids. She's crabby and seems to be heartless toward them. Her assistant teacher does all the hands on work with the kids while she's preparing for the next thing. She has no joy in her job and it reflects in her face, voice, body language, and attitude. She actually had my boy by his arm yesterday and put marks on him from her nails as she put him back in his chair. She goes out of her way to call me and tell me how bad he's being (not to ask for help)and when she writes him up she exaggerates things. She said he "body slammed" a child on the playground. He did push a girl down, bud he didn't body slam anyone. She called me asking if he was medicated for his behavior and all but called me a liar saying that physcologists don't interfere with education and they also don't give IQ tests...when the 2 that he'd been seeing had addressed his situation in her room specifically and had asked to have an IQ test run. This has been a HORRIBLE first year of school experience for him. I woudn't reccomend her for anything with small children. She should teach high school or get out of the education field all together and go do something else. I've been very cooperative with her and we've tried lots of things to help her deal with my son (who is a hand full for sure) and nothing has been good enough...a kindergarten teacher should LOVE her job and every child that walks through her door. She doesn't. I spent a solid week in her room with her and her assistant teacher who should have her job, she's GREAT. She actually tried to help the kids unlike Lowery who had a boy who couldn't write any letters and was way behind. When I brought it to her attention she said she already knew and he was just developmentally behind, he'd catch up...he was completely lost and would never catch up...she never went to help direct him or anything at all...he would scribble on his paper and they'd just come pick it up and write his name on it. ~I've asked the school to move my child to a different room and they refuse saying it's too late in the year...I am actually trying to figure out about home schooling him because this has been such a bad experience.

Address: 7411 ROCKFISH ROAD - North Carolina, CUMBERLAND Phone: 910-424-3945

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Kyra- No Nonsense
A Parent
Apr 26 2012, 07:38:26 AM
If she placed a visible mark on your child because of her handling him rough- I would press charges! If she witnessed marks on your child she would automatically assumed you had abused him and she would report it.

Educators like this should not be in the presence of any children. Educators as I state in my tweets either enhance or derail a child's academic success.

When the disrespectful tweets of Latoya_Neal was reported to me by angry parents we posted her actually tweets here(Teachers complaint).

Many parents are not aware that they are major stakeholders within the education system- there is much power and influence in that word. If educators are going to go as far as insult parenting skills of their student parents on twitter or grab your kid and force them in a sit. What the hell are these people actually saying or doing to your child, in school when they are alone with them?

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