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Teacher: Jaime Goodwin

mentally abusive , rude , lieing , involves principal as well.

Teacher Complaint About: Black Mountain Primary - Jaime Goodwin

North Carolina, BUNCOMBE
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: K

Occur date: Oct 31 2014
Post date: Apr 29 2015, 10:00:34 PM

Teacher Complaint: Jaime Goodwin - Black Mountain Primary

I contacted this teacher for several reasons, 1 being her "discipline" ,upon contacting her she told me(voluntarily) numerous times during the phone conference, her recounting of the incident.All of wich her versions were not consistant. She publicly embarrses my child, gives him degrading marks ie: frowns on behavior chart-for not knowing an answer to a question that she ***,she then puts the children in a corner for a time out for an undisclosed amount of time. I next contacted the principal after the teacher hanging up on me. the principal theen in turn proceeded to file false claims with the department of social services.(complaints totally unfounded and closed out by DSS within 10 business days. the case was even closed out by text,followed by a letter,without even a follow-up visit. this teacher then continues to "punish my son causing im tremendous stress,he can not focus,has become withdrawn,hates and dreads going to school, it is everyday of the week something or another. the principal never responded to my concern,formlly or informally,when I called to inquire she hung up on me. This teacher has proceeded to have a personal issue with my child and tries to sabotage my child academically. the principal harrases every chance she gets every morning upon dropoff,and/or pickup from school.she also says a lot of "veiled" threats to my husband. I have contacted the board of ed. numerous times w/o so much as a return call or anytype of acknowledgement. I also have recently sent an e-mail to the vice chairperson for our district in our county,and have yet to get a response. there is only 1 primary school in our town and this is it. they have made my children so miserable this year,that we are considering enrolling our children in the schools the next town over next school year, as there are only 30 some more school days left to the 2014-2015 school year. I only wish I had changed my son earlier in the year,I hope is outlook on education is not permanently damaged. I know he has been very depressed, more and more as the school year has went on.I advise anyparents to NOT put your children in black mountain primary school-in 28711,atlease as long as principal malorie McGinnis and teacher Jaime Goodwin are employed there. they will systematically make your life a living hell as you watch your childs confidence get reduced and your child becomes disinterested and withdrawn from almost everything.

Address: 301 EAST STATE STREET - North Carolina, BUNCOMBE Phone: 828-669-2645

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