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Teacher: Ronald Moore Sr.

misconduct by a teacher

Teacher Complaint About: Seminole High School - Ronald Moore Sr.

Author: Whitney Hardy
Grade: K

Occur date: Dec 01 2011
Post date: Jan 11 2012, 02:35:35 AM

Teacher Complaint: Ronald Moore Sr. - Seminole High School

This email was sent to the principle of seminole high school and i have yet to here a response but i feel that this is something that will and must be addressed.

Hello Mr. Mike Gaudreau

I am writing out of concern for myself also on behalf of the youth that attend Seminole High School. I have made myself very familiar with the policies and procedures conducive to all employee's of the Seminole County School District,I have found that some of the practices of your faculty are not in line with the policies or procedures that are so clearly stated for the public to view and I would only imagine that they are policies and procedures that are followed by your faculty and staff on a daily basis. The party in question is one Mr. Ronald D Moore Sr. from what I understand Mr. Moore is one of the football coaches at Seminole High School in Sanford,fl also a commissioner of pop warner football in the Sanford area. Due to the daily contact with youth from ages 7 to 18 it greatly concerns me to find out that such a pillar in our community would be selling narcotics to the same youth that he has applied so much time and energy to help in a positive light. I learn of this information recently and am very shocked and in disbelief at how this could accure in our school district. I am not a mother of a student however I have several family members as well as family friends that attend your school and play in the pop warner program. I am coming to you first to bring some resolve to this issue and to uphold the guidelines and standards that have been set by the Seminole County Public School Board.

Whitney Hardy

Address: 2701 RIDGEWOOD AVENUE - Florida, SEMINOLE Phone: 407-320-5050

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