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Teacher: Ann Marie Henry-stephens

monster principal

Teacher Complaint About: George W. Wingate Hs - Ann Marie Henry-stephens

New York, KINGS
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 10

Occur date: Oct 31 2016
Post date: Dec 10 2016, 05:38:24 PM

Teacher Complaint: Ann Marie Henry-stephens - George W. Wingate Hs

this school principal does not even need to buy a halloween costume, she is a true terror, she treats her school staff, students, and parents like garbage, very nasty, crazy woman who believes teaching should incorporate all horrible types of corporal punshment.
she talks down to parents, has staff spying on each other, and pits students against teachers she does not like! HOW UNPROFESSSIONAL!
if she is in a bad mood, she will lash out at the nearest teacher. her teacher turn-out rate is through the roof, every year, new teachers come then leave the next year, I've even seen her make teachers CRY! how is this woman in charge of a high school is beyond me!!!!!!

Address: 600 KINGSTON AVE - New York, KINGS Phone: 718-467-7400

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A Parent
Dec 13 2018, 07:46:24 AM
Where do I start, this principal is the worst principal my child had. She’s hideous inside and out. She’s rude she doesn’t acknowledge parents she takes no call she tells her staff to tell them I’m in a meeting meanwhile she isn’t busy (I’ve seen it) she takes Nothing serious she picks sides with students she likes she unfair my child was on the National honors society and says she can’t be in it anymore while my child is still getting honor grades. She’s an evil wicked old lady all she worry’s about is bossing her staff around and what hideous outfit she will wear. She’s a grandmother who wants to be noticed and recognized as if she’s respectful. She has no respect for herself, staff nor parents. I Don’t recommend this school never for any child who want to excel in their future.

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