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Teacher: Jennifer Zickuhr

multiple personality subhuman who hates Locals - Pukalani Psyho

Teacher Complaint About: Pukalani Elementary School - Jennifer Zickuhr

Hawaii, MAUI
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 3

Occur date: Jan 08 2017
Post date: Feb 08 2017, 03:24:48 AM

Teacher Complaint: Jennifer Zickuhr - Pukalani Elementary School

This teacher is a complete lunatic and scary. Not only is she a poor excuse for a teacher, she's a poor excuse for a human being.

After a DOE complaint was filed against her, she has gone off the deep end threatening, harassing, stalking the parents of her students.

posting nasty racial tirades about what low lives filipinos and locals are on here as well as craigslist

using school records for her petty childish games. sending us endless text messages and emails (14 police reports filed with MPD) magazines to our house etc...

don't believe me? verify for yourself by searching "mentally disturbed Jennifer Zickuhr"

look at the comment written by Rachel S. (which is actually Jennifer Zickuhr) and it was confirmed to not be her (pretty lame ...jennifer) that's kinda sad you threw your friend under the bus like that. not very nice. i can see your getting desperate.

same thing with Pam V and Jeff from the golf course. (yea Jenn, you're a loony)

not only does she teach elementary but she also plays elementary school games by pretending to be other people ...talk about a sociopath. lol

and she expressed how she wanted to kill herself instead of taking accountability and attempting to be a better person.

don't believe any of the good reviews here. it's just Jennifer talking about herself. she likes to use the word "sweet and caring" (dead giveaway) sad that she always has to call herself sweet and give herself compliments. lmao

if i you have a kid in her class, i would be seriously concerned.

there's a lot of people that are angry at her and the tide is building...she is about to be sued along with the DOE

change needs to come from the top and unfortunately Dr Dimino lacks the judgement and leadership skills necessary to effect change...Tammy, the VP lapdog, is even worse. this school is run by a bunch of clowns at a circus

Address: 2945 IOLANI STREET - Hawaii, MAUI Phone: 808-572-9557

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MAUI County Schools Jennifer Zickuhr is a Psychotic Loony Bin...Protect your Keiki!!
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MAUI County Schools Loser from Wisconsin lands her curse on Pukalani SCHOOL

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Feb 08 2017, 11:29:55 AM
My names Chris, and I'm a man and live in PA. I teach computer science and coach football.

You're a dick. Lucky I don't beat the **** out of you.

Chris the dick from PA
A Student
Feb 08 2017, 11:56:45 AM
Chris the dick from PA....Lmao

U like threatening women and you coach football. Classic

Steve and Maria Wan
A Parent
Feb 09 2017, 11:35:27 AM
Steve and Maria Wan

29 Pahaa Place
Makawao, Hawaii 96768



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Satan Devil
Jun 21 2017, 06:51:13 PM
I will kill you.

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