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Teacher: Sarah


Teacher Complaint About: East Bank Middle School - Sarah

West Virginia, KANAWHA
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 8

Occur date: Jan 17 2012
Post date: Jan 17 2012, 11:58:07 AM

Teacher Complaint: Sarah - East Bank Middle School

I am a student with a large complaint about the kids not eing aloud to listin to music during computer classesor at any point of the day. I personally do better with my work when i listin to music along with some of my friends. We would be willing to go through a study to prove anyone wrong. I never get a answer wrong when I listin to music. When they make us take out our earphones I contiunally talk, and get in trouble. If I litin to music I am very focused and never talk unless asked to. I may be young but I am very smart, and could keep a resonalble argument going about this. If i dont see a change soon dont expect me to set back and not do anything because I will happily bring this to the board my self along with many other students and get a patintion going. I am very strong willed, and will NEVER give up.
sincerly a very angered student,
Sarah Raejean Frame (:

Address: P O BOX 499 - West Virginia, KANAWHA Phone: 304-949-2482

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