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Teacher: Dr.ealy

my child getting hurt by other students and no action is being taking

Teacher Complaint About: Larimore Elem. - Dr.ealy

Missouri, ST. LOUIS
Author: Shantae
Grade: 2 - Bus: no bus

Occur date: Feb 08 2012
Post date: Feb 17 2012, 10:10:21 AM

Teacher Complaint: Dr.ealy - Larimore Elem.

my child came home 4 times with injuries and last one was bad to the point i had to take him to the er from a kid almost breaking his arm.
Dr. ealy is the principal and she dont care what happens to those students up there. the first incident my son came home with a mark under his eye and i ask him how did he get that he told me a kid punched him in his face i ask him did he tell a teacher and he said yes and i ask him what they say...the teacher told my son well maybe he was just playing so i call to the school and talk to ms. ealy and nothing happen. the next thing is another student punch my son in his mouth and bust his lip he came home with dried up blood and i ask him how that happen...called the school again i guess the principal didnt wanna talk to me so she tranfered me to mr clark so he waitied 2 days later to talk to my son and the other kid so when he phone me he told me it wasnt nothing he was gonna do because he didnt see any blood on my sons lip so i said of course its no blood when its been 2 days later so nothing was done now february 8, 2012 school was letting out this 4th or 5th grader tripps my son and when he fell he kick him it was no tacher around so a men came in from out side and helped my son up and walk him to the office i end up taking my son to the er because the swelling kept getting bigger and he was in alot of pain. They did x-rays and the doctor told me if he would have fell a little different his arm would have been broken. so my son showed ms. ealy (principal) who the boy was and she told my son he was lying and he probably didnt know what he was taking about out of all those kids in the school why would my son pick out one kid and they didnt even do anything when my son arm could have been broken.

Address: 1025 TRAMPE LN - Missouri, ST. LOUIS Phone: 314-953-4500

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