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Teacher: Pullian

not ok!!!!!

Teacher Complaint About: Northern Middle - Pullian

North Carolina, PERSON
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 7 - Bus: 24

Occur date: Sep 12 2018
Post date: Sep 19 2018, 07:43:41 PM

Teacher Complaint: Pullian - Northern Middle

she has class pets and is so rude she also swears in class to the kids as a kid in the detention class i know what happens in here her pet gets to talk to her when we are not play games on the laptop and his work is oddered to be done by other people in detention is so rude and its not ok for the detention staff to be having class pets in iss its a place where no ones allowed to talk play games just sit done and work without talking

Address: PO BOX 3130 - North Carolina, PERSON Phone: 336-599-6344

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PERSON County Schools not ok!!!!!
PERSON County Schools she has class pets and is not professional she lets other kids talk in retention and is so resrpeful

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