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Teacher made false allegations against another school official

Jun 24 2018, 11:34:25 AM

It's no surprise Aurora didn't last long in Oklahoma. She made little to no impact as the Executive...

Jun 23 2018, 12:22:36 PM

Teacher has forced students to write letters about school officials that were false

Jun 22 2018, 12:31:57 PM

I just found out about this site and have a small history of abuse from Rita Rockwood for 3 of mychildren....

School: Carthage Elementary
Jun 18 2018, 10:05:37 AM
Salt by spray tan hater

I’m sorry, but the level of disrespect I’ve received from this teacher is disgraceful to the MS 101...

School: MS 101-P.O. E.R. BYRNE SCHOOL
Jun 18 2018, 08:01:42 AM

Jeff Clark is probably one of the biggest douchebag to ever become principal in Seattle Public Schools....

Jun 16 2018, 06:17:33 PM

The achievement gap is clearly evident here at Leschi. It is because they have out of control teachers...

Jun 16 2018, 06:12:05 PM

Ms. Angela Stevenson is the principal of MLKJJHS located in Pittsburg, California. There is one word...

School: Martin Luther King Jr. Junior High School
Jun 16 2018, 05:49:34 PM

When I went to her for a meeting because of her unprofessional staff. She never replied to me until I...

School: Mead
Jun 15 2018, 10:07:52 PM

Very unprofessional counselor she was rude and put words into my mouth. She was calling to complain how...

School: Mead
Jun 15 2018, 09:42:39 PM

Very unprofessional counselor she was rude and put words into my mouth. She was calling to complain how...

School: Mead El
Jun 15 2018, 09:30:41 PM

Called emailed and texted daily for any reason took my child’s recess away and then didn’t allow...

School: Mead Ele
Jun 15 2018, 09:08:43 PM

This is another status quo school where White kids do well, while poor children of color do not. The...

School: Louisa Boren
Jun 15 2018, 04:51:48 PM

This isn't a singular complaint about this teacher, more a list of very serious problems that...

School: Design Tech High School
Jun 15 2018, 04:07:42 PM

Oksana Britsova is another run of the mill bad principal in Seattle Public Schools. Britsova lacks...

School: Seattle World School
Jun 15 2018, 12:54:54 PM
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