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Teacher: Mr. Mullen

rude and neglectful teacher

Teacher Complaint About: El Tejon Elementary - Mr. Mullen

California, KERN
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 7

Occur date: Nov 03 2011
Post date: Dec 18 2011, 03:09:16 AM

Teacher Complaint: Mr. Mullen - El Tejon Elementary

The incident has been occurring for at least two years. Last year this teacher told my niece's class that they were all Fucking retards and that he was no longer teaching them. he picked 10 kids that he would teach one on one and the remaining 35 students were forced to sit in the classroom and do nothing the remainder of the year, my sister pulled her daughter and home-schooled until this year.

I am a tutor and I have a student that came to me from Mr. Mullen's class and his mother told me about how she complained to the principle and the district and nothing was ever done. Her son was tormented by Mr. Mullen who introduced this child as DICK to the class and insisted everyone call him DICK because he wanted to make fun of his first name. He then encouraged several fights where more than one student was pounding on the poor student.

Another student of mine comes from his classroom and when I asked that he bring home his books to do homework he told me he wasn't allowed, when I sent a letter to tell Mr. Mullen I was this child's tutor and needed to know where he stood in classes and what he needed help on the most and the teacher took the letter and threw it out. The student was not allowed to bring his homework home with him because Mr. Mullen said he wouldn't raise his grade with or without a tutor.

I have also heard that this teacher spends most of his time during teaching hours talking on his cell phone and playing video games online. The principle does nothing and the parents have lost so much faith in the schools in the area that 56% of children in this town are HOME SCHOOLED...

This teacher is rude, unapproachable and profane. I heard that Mr Mullen was fired last year he then hired a lawyer and was rehired. It is morally irresponsible for this teacher to remain a teacher. He is despicable and needs to be heavily evaluated, observed and corrected before he should be left alone with children again.

Address: P.O. BOX 876 - California, KERN Phone: 661-248-6680

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