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Teacher: Ms Smith

she needs to get fired

Teacher Complaint About: North Gwinnett High School - Ms Smith

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 10

Occur date: Aug 19 2017
Post date: Sep 19 2017, 07:16:54 PM

Teacher Complaint: Ms Smith - North Gwinnett High School

everyday when we step foot in her classroom, we pick up our daily paper to work on for the hour we get. After we pick up our paper, we turn in our last nights homework for her to "look at". while we just picked up or classwork that we have never learned about, shes sitting in her chair "making sure we did it right". i didnt mention that she is "looking" at our papers for 45 minuets EACH day. so, in that 45 minute time period, we try to complete our daily worksheet that we have no idea to do. She then asks for someone to pass back our homework. with no marks on any of our papers i assume that she either doesnt want to tell us what we are missing or isnt looking at it. and for the last 10-15 minutes we have left in class, she talks about or new lesson for the day. with very few time left, theres no time for us to asks questions on how to do it, so she just quickly goes over it without stopping. She then at the end of class tells us that he other page is our homework (on what we "learned" today) and then it starts all over again. i dont want to bring my gpa down just because my teacher doesnt teach. she is pretty much a babysitter that doesnt play with the child, she its there for an hour or two, then gets her cash and leaves.

Address: 20 LEVEL CREEK ROAD - Georgia, GWINNETT Phone: 770-945-9558

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