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San Tan Heights Elementary

Teacher: Mitchell

teaching about Snoop Dog to kindergartners & punishing for standing up for himself

Teacher Complaint About: San Tan Heights Elementary - Mitchell

Arizona, PINAL
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: K

Occur date: Nov 01 2010
Post date: Nov 03 2010, 01:40:17 PM

Teacher Complaint: Mitchell - San Tan Heights Elementary

My son came home from school excited because he was having a substitute teacher that Friday. Apparently, his kindergarten teacher told her class it was because she was going to the fair that day. Okay, so far so good. Then she goes on to tell the class she's excited to go see Snoop Dawg. As I'm sure my son wasn't the only 5 year old in the class who didn't know who that was she went on to explain to them that he's a rapper, skinny with long hair. Children are so impressionable at that age and Snoop Dawg is not a good role model! Since when did it become acceptable to share your personal adult Friday night plans with your kindergarten class?

As of yesterday, she also took away his recess and half of his centers, in which they learned about patterns (when did it become OK to punish children by taking away learning time?) because he said he wasn't allowed to listen to the sexually explicit music they put on during art. He told his teacher he wasn't allowed to listen to it because it had bad words and they told him not to question their judgement and took away his recess and centers time. Needless to say I immediately pulled him out and have scheduled a meeting with the principal in the hopes the school can resolve this issue and I won't need to take it further.

Why are people like this being paid to teach our children?

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