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Teacher: Ms.johnson

unfairness ,mistreatment, lack of communication

Teacher Complaint About: Ida B Welles Academy - Ms.johnson

Tennessee, SHELBY
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 4 - Bus: 0

Occur date: Feb 26 2016
Post date: Feb 26 2016, 10:55:27 AM

Teacher Complaint: Ms.johnson - Ida B Welles Academy

It all started at the beginning of the school year my chip come him talking about he was n to a fight and was almost stab with a fork in the cafeteria so me being concerned I went to the school the next day
I walked into the office that was were I met a lady in the office by the name Ms.gardener she ask may she help me I began to tell her wat my son told me so before she could even say anything the principal walked in and til me to follow her to ha office n she stated first don't tam to them dey don't know nothing talk to me so I was lil hum and proceeded with y I was there he was didn't even know of the incident but she gave that little boy 2days of Iss for attempting to stab my son with a fork. Ok fine so sine den its still been a problem with this boy n my child not to mention they n the say classroom so ok we had meeting about that I didn't agree with some the things that she stated so this is wer it all starts with me and this principle because she stated I don't believe her n I told her it wasn't about me believe in her it was about my son that had to tel me.so any y she give my oldest son 5day iss with his 2friends for checking each other playing around but n a serious situation u gave the other boy 3
2days iss for something that could have went viral.So on today I ask her n she stated that its her call n her school so I just was like it don't make sense for you to allow these 3 boys to mid out on they education for each other n I told her u gave a boy who was FINA stab my child 2days wen he sould have bem kick out.I fell like she wrong n not on ha job n not fair with the rules and regulations.Then gone tell me cause ion agree with her terms my children cant return to her school I guess cause I'm a concerned parent n told her that it was backwards.point it my kids make a n bs always have never had no problems until Ida b wells the principal think its her school.Lke she cant be wrong n now my kids come home complaining everyday bout some.N with my son who almost got stab he says that the principal and he teacher don't like him.

Address: 777 FIRESTONE BL - Tennessee, SHELBY Phone: 901-579-3210

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