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Why rate a teacher - when you can file a complaint

How Posting a Complaint about a School or Teacher Can help you

TeacherComplaints.com used very advanced search engine optimization when putting together this website in order to ensure that anyone that wanted to voice their opinion or complaint about a school or teacher would be heard loud and clear. Not just in the community where it was posted but throughout the interent.

Upon submission of your complaint, you will receive a email from us requesting that you activate your complaint. Once your complaint has been activated, it is then entered into our system which is then fed through search engines around the country and world for everyone to read. Each complaint is keyword optimized to perform at the top of search engines. Chance are, if you put up a complaint about a certain school, your complaint will be read by everyone in the community. Don't worry, Your email is not posted and using your name is optional!

Once you have posted your complaint, Millions can view it. Teachers will be exposed for how they treat children, forcing them to treat them better than ever before. It levels the playing field between Schools, Parents, Teachers and Students. Until now, Teachers and Schools could simply complain about parents and have parents arrested, have DSS intervention - Leaving Schools and Teachers untouchable.

Now, with TeacherComplaints.com - Parents and Students are given the opportunity to report bad schools and teachers. It lets other parents and students know what to watch out for and it even gives Law enforcement an idea of how teachers treat children in the event that additional things happen that warrent further investigation. (That's right, We welcome law enforcement and any organization that believes that a safe school is a good enviorment.) Our main concern is for the students. We want to help protect students from teacher bullying, harrassment and other school abuse with the use of this site that exposes their wrongs. 

If you go to google and click on News and search for "Teacher Arrested" you'll see why such a site is needed and you'll probably agree that if this site was around a few years ago, Some of those teachers would have been just a little more careful and it would have spared a lot of pain for numerous children. We hope now that the site is up, you'll tell your family and friends and help spread the word about Your and Our Site,


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