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On June 20, 2010 - A complaint published on TeacherComplaints.com read as follows, "This teacher singles out insecure female students in his class, he gains their trust and by the time they turn 18 he prays after them for a sexual relationship." (Ref: Original Complaint )


On January 1, 2011 - Headlines in Placer California read, "A Del Oro High School teacher has resigned after a three-month investigation by the Placer Union High School District"

Story By: Joyia Emard and Bridget Jones, Gold Country News Service

(Ref: http://theloomisnews.com/detail/168923.html)

A Del Oro High School teacher has resigned after a three-month investigation by the Placer Union High School District, according to Dave Horsey, superintendent of the district.

Dylan Holcomb’s resignation comes after the investigation of sexual harassment charges made by two prior students against a teacher at Del Oro High.Horsey said Del Oro English and drama teacher Dylan Holcomb gave his official resignation on Jan. 5. He said Holcomb is on paid administrative leave until his resignation goes into effect on June 3, 2011, at which time he will “get the entitlement benefits” of his contract. Horsey declined to give any details of Holcomb’s resignation and said, “It’s a personnel matter.” Horsey did say “allegations” were made against Holcomb and the district has completed its investigation, which has been ongoing since September 2010.

Horsey said he was not allowed to divulge information on the nature of the allegations or whether they came from a student or parent. Horsey confirmed Monday to the Auburn Journal there was a sexual harassment investigation at Del Oro High that started in September. “We did have two claims of sexual harassment by prior students, and we did an investigation on that,” Horsey said. “We took action to appropriately resolve it.” Horsey said the investigation is not something that is required to be reported to the community. “Not to the community now, because we do consider it fully investigated and (we) came to a resolution we felt addressed the concerns.” Horsey could not comment on whether or not the students who made the sexual harassment complaints were Holcomb’s students.

Horsey said he is required to file a report on Holcomb with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing within 30 days of the date the board took action. Anne Evans, Horsey’s administrative assistant, said the board took action on Friday. The district held a special board meeting Friday afternoon. The meeting involved a closed session conference with legal counsel and public employee discipline/dismissal/release. Horsey said he couldn’t comment on whether or not Holcomb was the teacher in question.

The Auburn Journal has requested a copy of the resignation agreement of Employee No. 1130. The employee submitted a resignation that was acted on at Friday’s meeting. Del Oro Principal Dan Gayaldo said he could not comment on Holcomb’s resignation, other than to say that the resignation was official. Multiple attempts to reach Holcomb were unsuccessful as of press time.

Gayaldo said Levi Oates, who served as a long-term substitute teacher during the fall semester, is teaching Holcomb’s classes for the spring semester. Oates taught classes while English teacher Morgan Zerwas was on maternity leave."

(Complete story may be found at; http://www.theloomisnews.com/detail/168923.html)


How do you file a complaint against a bad teacher?

We get tons of email from people asking, "How do I file a complaint about a bad teacher" without posting their complaint on this website. In other words, Some people don't quite understand how publishing a complaint on TeacherComplaints.com will do anything to resolve a legitimate complaints  in the real world. A lot of people seem to think that the school is the first place to file a complaint. Which is partly true. It is always good to file a complaint with the school - However, it is also good to keep your own documentation rather than leave your problem up to someone else to deal with.

Remember the old saying, If it wasn't documented - It didn't happen? Well,  If you have a legitimate complaint. Then the first thing you should do is document it here. Why should you publish it here for everyone to read?

When you publish your complaint here: Other students, parents and people may come forward with their own complaints and add more details to your complaint. Some may have their own complaint about a teacher or school employee.

After several users have posted complaints about a person, It makes it quite hard for a school board not to consider some of them as partial truths and investigate further.


In addition, Filing a complaint here is Free!

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