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Terms of Service (TOS)

Welcome to the Teacher Complaints ® web site.

This is a free web site, and is a tool for use by Parents, Students and Teachers.

As a user of the site, you are acting as author and publisher of your complaint, post or otherwise electronic content posted on this site.

This web site provides an on-line database in the field of school complaints.

The following are the terms and conditions for use of the TeacherComplaints.com service including without limitation sending e-mail messages to TeacherComplaints.com (posting messages), e-mail, instant paging and other services which may be offered from time to time by TeacherComplaints.com for use with your TeacherComplaints.com account login name or e-mail address (each feature individually and collectively referred to as the "Service"). Please read the the terms carefully.

BY sending e-mail messages, posting content or simply by using the TeacherComplaints.com site, YOU ARE STATING THAT YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO DO SO AND YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY ALL OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE SERVICE ("TOS").

By posting this complaint/rebuttal, You attest this complaint is valid. You are giving TeacherComplaints.com irrevocable rights to post it on the web site.  You also acknowledge that once you post your complaint, it will not be removed, even at my request.

The Service is offered to you conditioned on your acceptance without modification of the terms, conditions, and notices contained herein.

TeacherComplaints.com is a free site for all visitors, including Parents, Students and Schools (Term "Schools" include Teachers, Staff, Personal Board Members, Bus drivers or anyone employeed by the school system.) TeacherComplaints.com does not censor posted messages, or school replies, or investigate them for accuracy.

Posted messages may be indexed by Internet search engines.

You may or may not receive e-mail messages from our site due to posting your content on TeacherComplaints.com. (It is highly unlikely as we hate spam as much as anyone else!)

As a user of TeacherComplaints.com, you acknowledge that TeacherComplaints.com does not prescreen or edit posted messages, content or other material on the site. You alone are responsible for all of the content of your post, and the consequences of any such messages.

TeacherComplaints.com does not get involved between complaining parties. Your complaint was not filed, edited or published by us. It is filed by the author of the complaint. We (TeacherComplaints.com) are not acting as the author or the publisher of the complaint/content.

TeacherComplaints.com reserves the right to ban the users IP for abusing the terms of service contained herein. 

When content has been posted on TeacherComplaints.com, they are made available for public view, and made available for indexing and reproduction by third-party search engines and directories. TeacherComplaints.com has no control over the content taken from TeacherComplaints.com by third-party sites.

TeacherComplaints.com is not responsible for the validity of the message complaints posted to the TeacherComplaints.com site. You agree that TeacherComplaints.com is a service provider.

TeacherComplaints.com is not responsible, in any way, for providing, or helping to provide, schools or teachers' responses to the students complaints/content that is and are being posted on the TeacherComplaints.com site, and /or forward information to schools/teachers. A complaint is only forwarded, via e-mail, to the e-mail address provided by the message author on the posting form, and when the checkbox "Notify school of complaint posting" is checked.

Many complaints posted to TeacherComplaints.com are an historical 'snapshot' of an ongoing situation, as seen through the eyes and perception of an individual person, often with incomplete or inaccurate information at their disposal.

TeacherComplaints.com always assumes that the parent and/or student has a positive intent in writing their content, in helping themselves, in helping other parent(s) student(s), in helping the subject as well helping the school by providing data to better understand a students point of view.

Due to the passage of time, or other factors, posted messages may be inaccurate or incomplete or the current status of the students/parents situation may be different than the situation (s) described in the posted message.

A complaint message is assumed by TeaherComplaints.com to be a description of a situation experienced by a parent or student. A complaint is only a personal opinion by a parent or student; a perception of a parent or student. That personal perception and / or opinion based on their own personal experience, can be powerful, or meaningless, in the opinion of readers and the site TeacherComplaints.com, depending upon the context and content of what is written. And how that information is interpreted by whomever reads it. Which of course varies from person to person, depending on who they are, their own personal experiences, biases, opinions., Etc.

No conclusions are drawn by TeachersComplaints.com, as to content validity. TeacherComplaints.com does not edit or censor posted messages or investigate them for accuracy. TeacherComplaints.com is a free Internet message board service for the entire world to use.

Posted messages should describe a personal, firsthand experience. If a person experienced something personally, that person owns that information about their perception of, and opinion about, that personal experience, and is free to discuss their opinion about that experience, as a human, citizen, and legal entity, unless previously, already contractually bound otherwise.

It is the responsibility of a message author to make sure they are not contractually bound otherwise. It is the responsibility of this message author to determine on their own if they are not allowed to discuss the subject of their complaint, if this is the case, prior to posting a message to TeacherComplaints.com.

If this TeacherComplaints.com site user is contractually bound not to discuss a subject, that message author takes it upon their own risk if they post a message to TeacherComplaints.com about that subject, because that message will be posted on TeacherComplaints.com for public view.

TeacherComplaints.com is only one free resource, among hundreds, even thousands, available to consumers, parents and students, on the Internet, in print, etc. TeacherComplaints.com is intended to help parents, students and teachers, make better decisions and provide a better understanding by working together. These are our guiding principles. However, TeacherComplaints.com makes no promises.

We do not share IP addresses or email addresses with anyone although we require a email address upon posting a complaint/content. TeacherComplaints.com does not allow the site as a tool for communication of threats and will go out of our way to assist law enforcement officers.

Actual results from using TeacherComplaints.com may be constructive or helpful. Or, actual results from using TeacherComplaints.com may be destructive and harmful.

Visitors to TeacherComplaints.com are free to form their own conclusions about any posted messages or content or information on our site, which is intended to be a place - and is indeed an Internet message board - for students, parents and schools to exchange information about problem areas contained in America's schools, hopefully in a constructive and meaningful way to ensure that Schools are safer and more educational than ever.


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